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In September 2007, the company was incorporated.

In July 2008, started the construction of soft bag infusion plant

In December 2008, the company acquired the infusion plant of Zhejiang Yixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

In July 2009, the factory was completed and obtained a drug production license.

In November 2009, the production line was put into trial production.

In December 2009, the project was listed by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Economic and Information Committee into the National Industrial Revitalization and Technical Transformation Key Project (third batch) in 2009.

In February 2010,  received 9 drug supplement licenses such as Glucose Injection.

In March 2010, obtained the GMP certificate for drugs.

In April 2010, was put into formal production.

In January 2011, the product approvals for seven consolidation cabinets such as Sodium Chloride Injection were obtained.


In 2014, new warehouse was built

In 2018, through the re-certification of pharmaceutical GMP, the tax revenue was broken by CNY 10 million.


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