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Established in September 2007, Zhejiang Kancheer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modern pharmaceutical company with a registered capital of CNY 30 million and a land of ??133,400sqm. As a subsidiary of Yefeng Group Co., Ltd, we are mainly engaged in the production of large infusions of non-PVC multi-layer co-extruded film soft bags. Located in Dongyang City, we enjoy good location and convenient transportation for we are adjacent to the beautiful Dongyang River, Jinyu Expressway and Zhuyong Expressway.

Our company invested CNY 80 million in the first phase and built a main plant of 11,000 square meters, including a purification area of ??3,000 square meters. Arranged a number of internationally advanced automatic production lines, this plant has an annual production capacity of 70 million bags for balanced solution, nutrient solution and therapeutic infusion and other product lines; as one of the largest professional soft bag infusion production bases in China, our company has established a research and development platform for infusion products, and develop various infusion products independently.

In 2009, our soft bag infusion project was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the national key industry revitalization and technological transformation project, and received a central budget investment of CNY 5.94 million; in March 2010, this project obtained the the national drug GMP certification; in 2011, our company was awarded Jinhua High-tech Enterprise; in 2012, our company was approved to establish Jinhua City Kancheer Medical Injection High-tech Research and Development Center.
With the tenet of "Your Health, My Pursuit" and the business philosophy of "Talent and technology-based, market-oriented, and create first-class products, establish a first-class brand and serve the cause of human health", we are going to invest another CNY 200 million to build two main plants and arrange 10 soft bag infusion production lines. Based on the existing product structure, we will gradually develop internationally leading and domestically breakthrough therapeutic, nutritional infusion and double-chamber bags and three-chamber bags, and then have an annual production capacity of 250 million bags of infusion products. Our company will extend the industry chain in a timely manner, invest in pharmaceutical packaging materials projects, and produce non-PVC multi-layer co-extruded membranes, interfaces, composite covers and other major pharmaceutical packaging materials. It estimates that the total output value will reach CNY 1.5 billion, and the profits and taxes will be CNY 350 million. Kancheer will become the largest soft bag infusion production base in China and then establish a leading position in the infusion industry.

Kancheer believe that a healthy cause is bound to flourish! We are willing to cooperate with customers all around the world to create a better future.



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